Learning With Remy Raystar received an Official Selection from the Golden State Film Festival

Event Date is February 22 - February 29th , 2024 

TCL Chinese 6 Theatres 6801 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90028
United States

Tuesday February 27th 10am - Theatre 6

Block EEE

Learning With Remy Raystar received an Official Selection from the First City Film Festival! 

Event Date is March 21-24, 2024 in Leavenworth, Kansas 

Learning With Remy Raystar

Come along and learn with Captain Remy Raystar and friends, as they teach kids across the universe about Earth! On this transmission, Captain Remy Raystar teaches kids about the English Alphabet! 

This Project 

is a captivating and meticulously crafted TV show designed to captivate young minds and take them on a thrilling educational journey. The show revolves around an entertaining alien captain named Remy Raystar, who, alongside his friends AID, the Artificial Intelligence Device, and Clay, the Robot, embarks on a mission to teach kids from across the universe about Earth and its wonders. The pilot episode offers a delightful exploration of the English alphabet through song, games, and jokes, engaging young viewers in an immersive learning experience.

Learning With Remy Raystar was awarded The Audience Award for Best Pilot/Television Episode at the Silicon Beach Film Festival At The TCL Chinese Theatre

Learning With Remy Raystar was the Monthly Winner for Best TV Pilot at the Robinson Film Awards

Silicon Beach Film Festival® · 2023 · TCL Chinese 6 Theatres   

Official Selection at the Kids First Film Festival!

Meet The Creator:

Chase Stewart, a passionate filmmaker and proud Kansas City native, whose extensive journey unfolds in the realm of independent films. Graduating with a degree in Communication Studies, emphasizing in Film and Media from the University of Missouri - Kansas City, Chase's cinematic fervor ignited during his tenure as a Projectionist at a local AMC Theatre.

Chase seamlessly blends his rich background and love for storytelling, drawing from experiences in low-budget filmmaking, major media groups, and recognized festival submissions. His creative endeavors include notable projects like "A Cast To Remember" and "Learning With Remy Raystar."

Beyond the lens, Chase is a devoted father and loving husband. His motivation to craft meaningful content stems from a deep desire to leave a lasting legacy. With a heart rooted in the Kansas City film scene, Chase Stewart continues to contribute to the vibrant world of independent cinema, shaping narratives that resonate and endure.

Chase Stewart     


"Learning with Remy Raystar"